Our Fees and Policies

Our Fees and Policies
In order to minimise waiting time, this practice operates by appointment system. Call us on 3343 9966 to schedule an appointment or Book Online at your convenience!

As we aim to provide thorough healthcare and also keep waiting times to a minimum, it is helpful to advise the reception team should you require a longer appointment.

Home Visits
Generally, we prefer you to come in to the practice so that we have all the right equipment at hand. If this is not possible, regular patients of the practice who live within the local area can request a house call. This will be carried out at the doctor’s discretion.

After Hour Service
If you have an Emergency need for medical care you should call 000 or visit your nearest emergency department. If you have a less urgent need to see a doctor, National Home Doctor Service covers our afterhours medical care and can be contacted on 13 74 25

Our Fees
Our practice provides its medical service to our patients on Bulk Billing basis for Medicare Card holders – patients will not pay any gap fee to our practice.
If you are referred for further investigations for initial consultation by a specialist or by an allied health practitioner there might be out of pocket expenses. Patients without Medicare Cards or where the MBS Schedule does not apply, a fee will be made to our practice in accordance to or below the AMA recommended fee. Medical Reports issued for private institutions, such as insurance or legal companies or for pre-employment purposes or for Commercial Driver’s License will attract a fee. This fee will be discussed prior to rendering any services.

Our Fees for non-Medicare Card Holders:
Standard Consultation $65.00
Long Consultation $95.00
Extended Consultation $120.00
Our practice accepts cash, EFTPOS or Credit Card Payment

Repeat Subscriptions
Modern medications are potent and can lead to harmful side effects if taken inappropriately. It is important you be regularly reviewed while on medication to check for any possible side effects, to receive updates on whether it is still the best one for your condition and to remind you about interactions or new side effects warning with any other medication you may be taking. This practice does not prescribe narcotics or drugs of addiction.
Please allow 24 hours after your request before picking up the script

Medicare requires the General Practitioner to see and assess their patients before referring any patient to a specialist. This referral process allows for the efficient and proper use of consultation resources and ensures fair and timely access to specialist services by patients who need them. Referrals are valid for 12 months. This is because it is intended that patients visit their GP at least annually for reassessment and to ascertain if the referral is still indicated and has your latest up-to-date information.
Medicare has advised that phone calls from the specialists’ rooms on the day of consultation are not acceptable. If you see a specialist without a referral from your doctor, you will have to bear the cost of the consultation as no Medicare rebate will be payable. Provision of a referral usually requires a visit to the doctor to ensure all information is current and relevant.

Test Results
From time to time your doctor may order various tests and investigations. Generally, the practice will contact you to make an appointment if your doctor would like to discuss the results with you but if is recommended that you give us a call a few days after your test to check yours have returned.

Telephone Enquires
Telephone calls to doctors are limited to emergencies. Our receptionist will assist you with any enquires or take a message and arrange a time that will be convenient for both yourself and the doctor to discuss your concerns.
Our practice is committed to preventative health care. We therefore use a reminder system for altering patients to upcoming or overdue care activities (such as Management Plan Review, Diabetes Reviews, Pap tests, and so on) You may receive a letter, phone call reminder or text message. If you do not wish to participate in our reminder system, please let our reception staff know.

Practice Privacy Policy
This practice is committed to maintaining the confidentially of your personal health information. Your medical records are confidential document. It is the policy of this practice to maintain security of personal health information at all times and ensure that this information is only available to authorized personnel.

It is inevitable that from time to time a patient may have a complaint about our services. This feedback is important to us in addressing problem areas and in achieving better service outcomes.
If you have any suggestions, ideas or would like to make a complaint you can either speak to any one of our staff, send an email to gcfd@healthyworld.com.au or leave a comment in the Suggestion Box in the waiting room.
Or contact Office of the Health Ombudsman or call 133 646